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The Light of Love

During your visit at Christmas Magic, you will hear Douglas, our animatronic Christmas Tree, talk about his favorite light show, the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. At the end of the show, you find out what he was talking about, and how LOVE is the spirit of the season. This Love that he talks about is not a feeling, or an emotion, but rather, someone who is madly in Love with you because you are His. 
I invite you to take 15 minutes, and read this excerpt below from Brent Lokkers book "Always Loved". We have teamed up with Brent Lokker to help spread the message of Love. I promise you, taking a few minutes to read this will make your week, and possibly your entire outlook on life better.
If you enjoy this booklet and would like to read more,
support Brent, and pick up his book on Amazon.
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