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*Behind the Scenes Video!

Pack up your car.

Tickets to Christmas Magic are sold per car, so bring the family! 

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Tune Your Radio

Tune to our radio station and embark on a 24 minute journey through this High-Tech Light show.


Experience The Magic!

Our Animatronic Christmas tree, Douglas will guide you through 11 uniquely individual displays of light, water, and projection; With your favorite Christmas songs, and a heart-warming story, this is sure to become a family tradition! Created by a winning designer on ABC's "The Great Christmas Light Fight"


Unlike any other Light Show

Introducing a new method of creating a drive through light show, Christmas Magic features a unique lane system that will bring you in front of a light show with 3 other cars, and allow you to stop and watch that light show from start to finish. Modeled after current theme park rides, this is one attraction you won't want to miss!

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